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Nutritional Assessment

A nutritional assessment includes a detailed lifestyle questionnaire, open discussion, goal setting, and physical and energetic testing. All known factors are considered - food availability and choices, food allergies and sensitivities, family and cultural background, eating patterns, and personal likes and dislikes. The food we eat is the basis of our health, and our goal at The Healing Atelier is to demystify and simplify healthful eating.

Using Quantum Reflex Analysis to test your body’s autonomic nervous sytem, we can precisely determine the products that will address your individual needs. Recommendations may include:

  • keeping a temporary food diary to identify what works best for you
  • how to conduct a trial diet - i.e., elimination, Gerson, macrobiotic or Weston Price
  • food choices appropriate for your body type
  • ways to simplify home-cooking
  • healthful food choices when on the road
  • specific protocols to improve nutrient assimilation and elimination

Available supplementation includes the following, with recommendations specific to your nutritional assessment:

  • mineral and vitamin formulations
  • intestinal and fiber complexes
  • herbal combinations
  • endocrine factors
  • essential oils
  • organ strengtheners
  • immune enhancers
  • Alpha-foods
  • neutraceuticals
  • detoxification augmenters
  • homeopathic formulations
  • flower essences

Extensive research has been conducted to find nutritional product lines that are exceptionally high-quality, organic, and devoid of fillers.

For pricing, please check the fee schedule.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

The first step on the road to health for the chronically ill is a comprehensive health evaluation. This evaluation includes:

  • nutritional assessment
  • detailed health history
  • thorough lifestyle questionnaire
  • thorough family history
  • traumatic insult assessment
  • preliminary environmental check
  • corporal toxicity quiz
  • symptomatology survey

Family Health Consultation

The Family Health consultation is designed to provide you with the education and tools needed to create a healthy home and good nutrition. After a thorough family health history, family health goals are discussed, and clients are provided with practical action steps to enhance the family lifestyle. A Healthy Home Survey is also highly recommended.

Lifestyle Coaching

The process of changing lifestyles is a journey that is most likely to be successful if taken in steps, making only a few changes at a time. Given the effort required for a lifestyle change, ensuring a successful outcome is crucial. To promote successfully implementing a new lifestyle plan, Elize St. Charles PhD, offers on-going lifestyle coaching. Coaching is available via telephone. In consideration of the client’s particular goals, needs and time requirements, a coaching plan is designed and implemented. An initial three month commitment is advised.

Our office is located in Los Gatos, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. To schedule an appointment, please contact Elize St. Charles by phone at 408.356.8987 or 408.499.6291 or email

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