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Total Body Burden

Body burden refers to the body's mechanism of storing endogenous (i.e., produced by the body) and exogenous (i.e., from outside the body) poisons that it is not capable of breaking down and eliminating through the detoxification and eliminative organs - the skin, lungs, kidney, liver, bowels. The human body was not designed to breakdown and eliminate either the amount or the variety of man-made chemicals to which we are exposed daily. It consequently stores them in tissues.

Total body burden refers to the sum total of toxic heavy metals, chemicals and other noxious substances stored in cells and fluids of the body. The burden of certain chemicals and heavy metals can be determined by their presence and residual chemical substrates found in urine, hair and blood analysis. An analysis of the total body burden is extremely expensive and because of the chemical soup extant in our cells, not truly feasible. Given that testing of random samples of Americans repeatedly shows high levels of most heavy metals, DDT, PCBs, phthalates, styrene, etc. in virtually all blood samples taken, it can be assumed that we all need to reduce our body burden.

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