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How a Survey Can Help

Many modern products produce chemical fumes that can significantly impact health, even when an odor is not noticeable. In addition, molds, bacteria, and other items can cause health issues, both directly and through the chemicals they produce. Some chemicals are toxic to the nervous system (neurotoxic) or the endocrine system (endocrine disruptors), meaning that they can cause physical, mental, and emotional changes. In addition, there are other many aspects of a home that can affect health, such as electromagnetic radiation. The impact of a toxic item in the home can be sudden and therefore easy to detect, or it can affect you or your family so gradually that it is difficult to make the connection. A home survey can assist in detecting which items might be causing health issues and which changes would be most effective in supporting optimal health. Many changes are simple and easily made.

Possible consequences of toxic fumes in the home can include:

• Weight gain (to buffer toxicity)
• Difficulty thinking clearly and focusing, including ADD/ADHD symptoms
• Skin irritations, including rough, cracked skin and rashes
• Difficulty breathing, including asthma symptoms
• Neurological disorders including seizures
• Memory loss
• Cardiovascular problems including arrhythmias, tachycardia
• Emotional disturbances including depression, irritability, grouchiness
• Auto-immune disorders including allergies

What Does a Survey Involve?

The Healthy Home Survey (HHS) is the first step to creating a healthy, safe, human-friendly home. Using the principles of Bau-Biologie as a guide, your home is inspected for potential sources of health-impairing chemicals, organic matter, non-organic matter, consumer products and potential electromagnetic issues. Ideally, everyone living in the home participates in the survey discussion so that all learn to maintain a healthy living home.

The Healthy Home Survey Report includes a written document addressing the following:

• outlines the home health issues of immediate concern
• prioritizes home health issues of concern
• identifies the primary sources of toxins and disease promoting circumstances
• identifies problematic electromagnetic fields
• offers Bau-Biologie recommendations
• suggests non-toxic product replacements

Healthy Home Survey               $75/hr+ travel

Healthy Home Survey Report       $150

Our office is located in Los Gatos, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. To schedule an appointment for a healthy home survey, please contact Elize St. Charles by phone at 408.356.8987 or 408.499.6291 or email

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