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Health Enhancing Homes

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Creating a human-friendly living space is one of the easiest ways to look after yourself and your loved ones. There are many products available that can transform a toxic home into a healthy home. I especially appreciate those products that can be used passively. With all we have on our plates these days, it is nice to know that we are benefiting our health and preventing diseases of toxicity by drinking PiMag water or sleeping in a sleep sanctuary.

Below is a partial list of types of products I recommend:

  • Greenwave electricity filters
  • reverse osmosis water filters
  • shower filters to remove chlorine
  • water restructuring machines
  • embedded frequency neutralizers
  • telephone radiation protector
  • organic sleep systems
  • EMF neutralizing pads
  • EMF neutralizing sleep systems - pillows, mattresses, comforters
  • high tech air filters that use 5 filtration / purification mechanisms
  • portable air filters
  • EMF protective jewelry

For more information on converting your home to a living home and to purchase products, please contact Elize St. Charles, Ph.D., at The Healing Atelier.

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