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Discover Organic Beauty

Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby

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Outside-In-Skin offers body care products safe for both mother and baby. Mothers-to-be and babies need exceptionally pure, made by nature personal care products. The Mother-to-Be and New Mother Collections include pure massage oils, soothing balms, and revitalizing flower essences. The Baby Collection is designed to keep delicate skin soft, clean and glowing with health. Ingredients such as nourishing shea butter, protective propolis, relaxing, healing essential oils of chamomile and lavender and calendula provide benefits above and beyond the skin - soothing both mother and baby.

Outside in skin – Mother and Baby products

Special Care - Why?

There are many reasons Mothers and Babies are special. Imagine this:

A mom carrying a baby approaches a gas station. She goes up to the tank, grabs the handle to the gas hose, pulls it out of the slot, squeezes the trigger and pours it on her baby and rubs it into the baby’s skin. Kissing the baby, she wraps the little one up in her blanket and walks off. Welcome to ‘baby oil’.

We would no more think of pouring gasoline on ourselves or our babies than we would consider drinking it. But, every time you use a petroleum based skin care product, your skin absorbs the oil and it must be ‘digested’ by the body. This is hard work for a little baby’s liver. A healthier approach is to remember to only put on a baby’s skin (and your own skin) what you would feed your baby. Good choices are organic apricot oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sesame oil and combinations thereof that protect and nourish the delicate diaper area. Consult with Dr. St. Charles, Ph.D. if you have further questions.

To learn more about why mothers and babies need pure, organic body care products go to Pre-Conception Purification

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