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Build a Better Brain

Heavy Metal Detoxification

The Healing Atelier offers both cutting-edge technologies and ancient practices to purify the body, allowing it to heal itself. For safety and maximum efficacy, a minimum one hour intake is required prior to starting a protocol.

Purification and Rejuvenation Services are available by the hour for individualized services, or in bundles of services such as La TĂȘte. Two people may enjoy the Detoxification Circuit simultaneously. We are happy to design a customized program to address individual concerns and health issues. See Therapies.

For a testimonial as to the effects of detoxification of heavy metals,
read Joseph's Story.

La Tête

A body treatment to renew and relax you. Done with regularity La Tête is effective in reducing symptoms of allergies, headaches, migraines, brain fog, poor concentration, insomnia, anxiety and stress. La Tête is a specialized service which incorporates modalities of yesteryear with high tech gadgetry.

Read more about La Tête here.

Quantum Light Breath: A Transformational Process

What is it?

Quantum Light Breath (QLB) by Jeru Kabbal is an excellent tool for clearing the brain of both chemical toxins and mental chatter. It gently detoxifies the brain and body, and reduces stress, allowing healing and growth to occur. QLB provides a transformational breathing experience that can be used to accelerate personal transformation.

How does it work?

QLB provides a recorded breathing meditation to a selection of musical compositions (including classical, ecclesiastic, and modern acoustic), with each piece chosen and arranged to elicit a specific sensory, vibratory effect. As the breathwork and music move through the ups and downs, they create the effects of tumbling you around gently, evoking a deep emotional and physical cleansing. Through this process old memories that clutter the mind and emotions and that drag us back into reflexive behaviors are released so that they no longer affect us on a subconscious level. The beauty of the Quantum Light Breath is that the memories, sensations, thoughts, or emotions that come up do not have to be processed in any way; they can be released through the breath without conscious effort. Listening to Quantum Light Breath leaves you lighter, clearer, and energized.

How do I use it?

The process is easy: Put on the CD and follow Jeru Kabbal's voice while he directs you through a simple, relaxing, guided breathing routine. You are instructed and reminded to breath deeply and rhythmically as the music plays. No matter what comes to mind, focus on the breathing. That is it!

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