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Discover Organic Beauty

Outside-In-Skin Coffee and Tea Parties

The coffee and tea parties are opportunities to personally experience many of the products. You can loll in the relaxing fragrance of lavender, wake up to the stimulating essence of frankincense, or dream away to the aroma of roses. All Outside-In-Skin products provide benefit to the skin and spirit through their use of medicinal aromatic oils. Be prepared to see and feel the difference!

At Outside-In-Skin parties we:

  • discuss the benefits and advantages of organic skin care
  • learn about a line of award-winning, organically certified personal care products
  • view a brief presentation
  • discover Outside-In-Skin uniqueness - organic beauty and environmental consciousness
  • choose the skincare line that best meets your needs
  • experience a mini-facial using your chosen skincare line
  • have the opportunity to order organic beauty products
  • enjoy healthy beverages and light snacks
  • make new friends

Do your friends a favor, invite them too for break with nature’s sensuous pleasures - organic body care.

Explore beauty in a bottle!

Drop-ins welcome!

Co-Host an Outside-In-Skin Party at the Atelier

Let’s revolutionize skincare! Vote with your dollars. Refuse to purchase beauty and personal care products that poison you and your loved ones. Be a force for change by sponsoring an Outside-In-Skin party. Be the one to introduce your friends, relations and colleagues to the organic beauty approach to personal body care. The Healing Atelier is happy to co-sponsor an Outside-In-Skin party so that you can easily and effortlessly introduce your friends to the newest approach to beauty care. As a co-host, you receive product bonuses and hostess gifts.

The Healing Atelier Supports Organic Agriculture and Eco-Friendly Business Practices

To learn more about the many ways which Outside-In-Skin takes care to assure the purity and quality of its organic products and promote eco-friendly business, flip through this little book of ethical skincare.

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