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Philosophy of Health

The Healing Atelier philosophy of health includes the following precepts:

  • The body is vested with an innate intelligence and knowledge of how to heal.
  • The body always works efficiently.
  • The body always moves in the direction of healing, if provided with the necessary resources.
  • The body always prioritizes the resolution of a short term crisis over long-term health (since there is no point in protecting longevity if the immediate crises could cause death).
  • Although modern science has made great progress, it is far from understanding the complexities of physiology.

This belief system is in contrast to the common belief that the body is an unintelligent machine with organs and systems that work mechanically and independently. The premise upon which much of modern health care rests is that the body is continually making mistakes and we must intervene to fix it. The Healing Atelier philosophy is that the body can heal itself if provided with the required resources, Fortunately, there is a growing consensus that the body is more complex and intelligent than previously thought. A healer’s task is to determine why the body is functioning the way it does, to respect the body’s priorities, and to support the body toward re-establishing homeostasis.

The Wisdom of Weight Gain

Did you know that one of the reasons people sometimes gain weight without eating more or exercising less is that the body uses fat to store toxins? If the body cannot eliminate environmental toxins or metabolic waste products quickly enough, it stores them in fat to keep them away from the vital organs. So, the body, in its wisdom, may respond with weight gain to a toxic exposure. A perfect example of this is the cancer patient who gains weight while on chemotherapy. The cancer patients who are unable to gain weight typically have a higher mortality rate because their bodies cannot detoxify the chemotherapy fast enough and has nowhere safe to store the toxins in the meantime. Could the obesity epidemic in the U.S.A be partly related to environmental pollution?

Working in Concert with Nature

As a professional in the alternative health field for over thirty years, Elize has seen a lot of health fads, which drove her to look for the true underlying principles of health. As a result she has discovered a wealth of knowledge and a treasure chest of healing tools. For example, as a Bau-Biologist she assesses home and work spaces for factors that support or erode health and vitality. As a yogi, she observes the body’s structure, movement, breathing patterns, and spiritual development. As a student of nutrition and naturopathy, she studies how to return the body to a balanced state by augmenting the body’s natural healing processes. Her experience with comatose clients and clients who have heavy metal poisoning, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mold toxicity, persistent back ache, PMS, and many other conditions has confirmed her faith in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Elize focuses on identifying the root causes of imbalance and discomfort and then works with clients to apply the optimal therapies so that the body can return to homeostasis.

The Whole Person

At The Healing Atelier we consider the whole person in order to determine the optimal healing approach. To heal, one must address all aspects of the self - physical, mental, and spiritual. Friendship, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and humor are all known to aid with healing.

All traumas, whether physical or emotional, result in a physiological stress response and are stored in the body at some level. Healing often occurs in layers as a result; as each issue is resolved, other issues may arise for resolution. As the old stresses stored in the body unfurl and are resolved, old ways of thinking associated with the stresses can also be unlocked, allowing a new reality to develop that no longer incorporates those issues. This process takes time but can result in the gift of a lighter spirit and a deepened sense of peace, in addition to improved health.

At The Healing Atelier we have created a safe space to explore healing possibilities, and invite you to take an active role in healing and in learning new ways to improve your health and your life.

The Internal Environment

A healthy environment both within and without the body is vital to health. Germs – that is viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi – cannot grow out of balance unless the body is weakened. Even Pasteur was quoted on his deathbed as saying “The environment is everything”, although at that point it was too late to change the focus of medicine from the germ theory.

Our bodies consist of approximately 10 trillion human cells and 90 trillion germ cells. With every breath we inhale millions of germs. We live symbiotically with microbes and require them in order to be healthy. Germs themselves are not the sole cause of ill health.

It is when the body is not otherwise healthy that the germ populations in the body can grow out of balance, causing disease. A toxic body is hospitable to invading germs because the cells are not functioning correctly. It is the internal environment and the vitality of the cells that determines whether bacteria, viruses, and parasites flourish.

Picture this:

Imagine living in a house of six rooms, and storing all the trash, kitchen scraps, and personal waste in one room instead of taking the trash out for disposal. What happens? The trash rots, smells bad, and attracts vermin, molds, and termites. If you were to call in the exterminator instead of cleaning the room, they would spray toxic chemicals that would temporarily reduce the smell and the vermin. However, the situation would eventually become worse because now there are additional toxins and moisture that have further damaged the structure, allowing the problems to spread. If the exterminator returns and sprays their latest and greatest new chemical agent, it only continues to worsen the problem, with the added issue that the bugs become resistant to the sprays until you have unstoppable cockroaches in the kitchen. Eventually, in spite of several such band-aid jobs and even with major remediation repairs, the vermin, mold, and termites weaken the foundation and the house collapses.

Game: Match the words from the house analogy in the left column to the medical terms in the right column.

house pharmaceuticals
rooms   vital resources 
exterminator  nano-bacteria, spirochetes, ML 
band aids  radiation 
cockroaches   six major systems 
latest and greatest new agent  surgery 
major remediation  body 
foundation  doctor 
vermin, molds, termites  pain 

Keeping our bodies in the state where there is a balance between human cells and other cells is key. Doing so requires taking out the garbage – in other words, giving our natural detoxification processes a chance to work correctly. Also, of course, minimizing the amount of garbage the body must process in the first place. It also requires keeping the structure of our bodies strong, flexible, nourished, and vital such that our bodies are immune to everyday pathogens and can recuperate from daily traumas and stress.

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