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Pre-conception Purification

Newborn Baby

Why Detoxify Before Conception?

Toxins are becoming increasingly widespread in our environment, and certain types of toxins, known as teratogens can disrupt the genetic code of eggs and sperm, causing mutations. Heavy metals can cause neurological damage and petrochemicals are significant endocrine disruptors and can also cause neurological damage.

Pre-natal care is no longer enough – it is now crucial for both the mother and the father to detoxify before conception, in order to reduce the possibility of toxins affecting the genetic code of the developing fetus. Even after conception, fetuses are very vulnerable since the effect of toxins upon the developing body is many times greater than the effect upon an adult. A mother’s body can release up to 70% of her toxic burden into the blood stream during pregnancy, so it is important to detoxify before conception. Once the pregnancy is begun, detoxification is strongly discouraged until after the baby is born and has stopped breast-feeding, because the detox process stirs up toxins that can be absorbed by the baby.

An explosion in autism spectrum disorder, neurological problems, learning handicaps, diabetes, asthma, and the general poor health of America’s children indicates a widespread issue. At the February 2010 Heal The Brain conference, scientists observed that human intelligence appears to have peaked in 1998 and has been descending ever since. There is an epidemic of neurological and brain function conditions in western nations. Many researchers believe that toxicity is impacting the development of sensitive young brains worldwide.

Environmental Pollutants

Nursing infants are the highest on the food chain, and fetuses are next. The majority of chemicals in common use today have not been tested for safety for human exposure, and, for those that are, the toxicity standards are determined using 150 pound healthy, adult men. Given a child’s relatively small weight, faster metabolism, immature immune system, delicate brain tissue, and growth requirements, it is obvious to scientists, medical doctors and parents that the toxicity standards are not sufficiently protective of children. Therefore, it is imperative that all parents and potential parents educate themselves and take the appropriate measures to protect their children.

Generalized Pollution

We are already seeing the effects of generalized pollution upon the animal world – for example, polar bears are being born as hermaphrodites and their populations are declining, honey bees are experiencing hive collapse, and frogs are disappearing from ponds across North America. Even in Los Gatos, a two-headed garter snake was seen on a hiking trail, likely evidence of teratogens in the local environment.

Relevant Statistics

Newborn Baby

  • One in six women of child-bearing age have mercury levels high enough to cause neurological damage in fetuses.
  • One in 3 or 4 couples have problems conceiving.
  • One in 6 American children exhibit some type of neurological dysfunction.
  • Pesticides and insecticides can lead to brain damage including seizure disorders, depression, learning disabilities, etc.
  • In the American Midwest, more teratogenic defects increase in children conceived during spring planting when farmers and agri-businesses spray crops with pesticides.
  • There are no safe levels of mercury; it is even more damaging than lead. Very low levels of mercury can create neurological damage in the human brain – in fact, a drop of mercury that would fit in the period at the end of this sentence, distributed in an Olympic size pool, could be a high enough concentration to cause damage.
  • Though mother’s milk remains the best food for newborns, the breast milk of many mothers exceeds EPA acceptable levels for many chemicals and heavy metals, including dioxin and bisphenol A
  • More than 200 different man-made chemicals can be detected in amniotic fluid.
  • More than 200 different man-made chemicals can be found in the umbilical cord of newborns born in the U.S.A.

Why Do Fathers Need to Detoxify?

The Healing Atelier offers Pre-Conception Purification Care for both mothers and fathers. Though it is recognized that it is most important that mothers-to-be detoxify, the health of the father also matters, since toxins can affect the health and genetic code of spermoza. It is advised that both parents follow a purification program before conceiving. Since detoxification can take years, it is best for parents-to-be to start the process as soon as possible.


The following books provide additional information:

Having Faith - An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood,  Sandra Steingraber
Is This Your Child? Discovering and Treating Unrecognized Allergies in Children and Adults,  Doris Rapp, MD
Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call,  Doris J. Rapp, MD
Is This Your Child’s World?,  Doris J. Rapp, MD
E.I. Syndrome - Are You Allergic to the 21st Century?,  Sherry A. Rogers, MD
Detoxify or Die,  Sherry Rogers, MD
Achieving Victory Over A Toxic World,  Mark Schauss, MBA, DB

Pre-Conception Care

Pre-Conception Care includes:

  • Body Burden Assessment: A detailed intake in which possible toxin sources are identified and overall toxic load is estimated.
  • ab tests can be performed though are not initially necessary.
  • Nutritional Assessment: Using diet, food, herbs, neutraceuticals, "Alfa" foods and chelating agents, we work over an 8 to 12 month period to gently improve nutrition.
  • Healthy Home Survey : A healthy home is recommended to support the detox process, so that your body is not burdened by additional toxins coming in.
  • EMF Exposure Assessment & Monitoring: Autonomic nervous system expert, Deitrich Klinghardt, PhD, MD has discovered one commonality amongst all autistic children - their mothers were exposed to high EM fields while pregnant. Though not yet confirmed as a preventative measure, the mother’s sleep and work areas should not have high electromagnetic fields.
  • In the event a preliminary survey of a living or work space indicates a potential problem, our Bau-Biologie associate, Alex Stadtner, BBEC can be consulted. In addition, parents are encouraged to learn about Bau-Biologie in order to create safe indoor environments and sleeping spaces for their family.

Our office is located in Los Gatos, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. To schedule an appointment, please contact Elize St. Charles by phone at 408.356.8987 or 408.499.6291 or email

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