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Classes, Films, & Salons

Cooking Classes

Join Elize St. Charles, CNC, for afternoon cooking classes every third Sunday of the month. These informal kitchen classes focus on tried and true approaches to food and its preparation with attention to value, ease, speed, balance, energy and, of course, taste. Convert your kitchen into your ally, your bank, even your pharmacy, for disease prevention and vital living.

Classes will start at 3 PM after Dr. St. Charles, Ph.D. has made her Sunday purchases at the Los Gatos farmer’s market. As the menu will depend on the produce available each month you will learn to cook with the seasons. We will make dishes from all over the world using locally grown organic vegetables and fruit. You will gain the know-how to turn everyday foods into super healthy meals, soups and snacks.

herbs and spices


  • to cook like a French woman turned on to healthy eating
  • how to prepare your kitchen for quick, healthy cooking
  • how to use herbs and spices to enhance both taste and health
  • about ‘Alfa’ foods - the leaders of the pack in terms of their nutritional power punch and how to incorporate them in your diet
  • to transform food fresh from local farmers into sumptuous, nutrient-dense dishes
  • about food philosophies including macrobiotics, high protein diets, organics, juicing, fasting, seasonal cooking, super-foods, vegetarianism, dieting, food fads, veganism, and the Weston Price, ayurvedic and traditional oriental approaches
  • the truth about food myths and misconceptions
  • the secrets to producing power packed food for every meal. And then EAT them!

Take home more than recipes. Take home a new approach to food and eating that will help foster health and vitality in you and those for whom you love to cook.

When: Third Sunday, March through June

Where: The Healing Atelier, Los Gatos (call for directions)

Time: 3 to 7 PM

$75 includes class, a FEAST, a monthly gift

The Sunday Gourmet Club : $275 for all 4 classes, 4 Feasts, 4 monthly gifts

Participants are asked to bring an apron, a sharp knife and an appetite.

Registration: Seating is limited. Please call 408.499.6291 to reserve your place.

weighing your options

Dr. St. Charles, Ph.D' Cooking Background: An Exceptional Preparation

In terms of cuisine and food, I feel blessed to be from Quebec, Canada. In Montreal where I grew up, there were still French bakeries, huge farmers markets all year long and supplies for ethnic cuisine readily available. Real food is part of my heritage.

My mother taught me kitchen basics, for which I am ever grateful! She was a nurse, had studied home economics and instilled sound eating habits in us all. All of us was 10 people - many mouths to feed in my family of origin. (Yes, I have 7 siblings and we all sat down for meals together three times a day until we left home. Imagine preparing 10 meals a day 3 times a day!?!) My mother was ahead of her time. Vegetables weren’t cooked to mush and were usually steamed. She often made delicious whole grain breads and fruit compotes, experimented with a wide variety of vegetables, fermented yogurt and prepared homemade granola. We made bottles and crocks of home-made jams, pickles and preserves which filled our cold-cellar every fall. With so many mouths to feed, we had small very portions of meat and 4 to 5 servings of vegetables and fresh salads with dinner every evening. As we got older we ate from my father’s huge organic vegetable garden. We were particularly lucky because he was also a sportsman. We ate everything he caught so there was a plentiful supply of wild-caught salmon, trout and fowl on our table.

During my teens I was the primary cook in the house. I did all the baking and daily dinner preparation and therefore escaped dish duty! I also did menu planning and cooked for the five formal, gourmet, sit-down dinner parties for 20-30 business associates that my parents held yearly. In addition, I was taught East Indian cuisine from my best friend, Gulshan Noorani; took macrobiotic classes with Anne-Marie Colbin; experimented with foods of indigenous cultures; learned about medicinal effects of culinary herbs and spices; and studied the properties of food from both the ayurvedic and traditional oriental perspectives.

The most dramatic change in my knowledge of food preparation resulted out of necessity due to Lyme Disease. Though I have eaten organically since I was a teenager and have been very aware of the dangers of ‘bad’ fats and ‘white’ in the diet (i.e., white flour, sugar, salt, and alcohol), I had to learn to get much more nutrition in me than ever before. At the same time I had developed severe food sensitivities. I therefore developed a very nutrient dense method of food preparation to heal myself. I know food can heal. It is the food choices we make and then food preparation that is so crucial to the healing process.

I have had a lot of experience cooking for a crowd. It is not only easy for me, it is still a joy. I relish preparing delicious food for my family and friends. I love to see how colorful and imaginative I can be with the ingredients on hand, how healthy I can make a dish, how I can change a traditional meal into a super-meal. I rarely use a recipe nowadays and just let my creativity lead me, the ingredients inspire me and my instinct guide me. I hope to inspire in participants of The Sunday Gourmet cooking classes, the same ease, fun and delight in healthy cooking and eating that I have been fortunate to enjoy.

Guten Appetit!

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