"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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“The Healing Atelier is a unique concierge health consultancy serving both individual clients and healthcare practitioners. Dr. Elize St. Charles, Ph.D., focuses on root causes and alternative therapeutics. She brings a lifetime of education and research specializing in the most challenging medical conditions and applies the best of modern and ancient technologies from around the world to achieve exceptional results.”
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Elize St. Charles, PhD, CNC, BBP, MBA, has been involved in alternative and complementary healing modalities for more than 40 years. With her extensive understanding of the natural healing arts, 'Doc Elize' has provided health care to people in all walks of life including star athletes, executives, mothers, babies, the brain injured and the chronically ill.
Elize St. Charles, PhD,

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“Expert commentary on the latest medical news, health trends, food facts, electro-smog and building biology, etc… from Dr. Elize St. Charles, Ph.D., of The Healing Atelier – the unique web-based concierge health consultancy that brings you cutting-edge education and down to earth advice on modern therapeutics and topics of health concern.”

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