"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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A conversation with ‘Doc Elize’ About Her Approach
In Awe of the Body’s Intelligence

The human body is an amazingly complex, intricate organism vested with innate intelligence. We are only in the infancy of understanding the subtle aspects of the human body’s microbiome, nervous system, immune system, electro-magnetic physiology, mind-body interaction, genetics, and epigenetics. I have deep respect for the intelligence of the human body, with its hardwired survival mechanisms, built-in redundancies, and capacity to adapt and endure. As my goal is to identify and support the body’s own healing efforts, I consistently and methodically apply the precautionary principle of ‘First do no harm.’ I, therefore, focus on understanding the body’s messages and recommending health strategies that work with your own inherent healing capacity.

It’s All About The Terrain

My personal and professional experience has convinced me that the state of our internal environment determines the types and degree of illness we experience. Every person’s terrain is unique and is characterized by two synergistic and inter-dependent factors: nutrition and toxicity.

Generally speaking, there is consensus regarding the polluted state of planet Earth. I ask then, “If the air, water and earth around us is polluted, why would our internal environments, the terrain, be any different from that which surrounds us?” If we don’t actively purify the air and water we consume, and eat uncontaminated, organic food, then our internal environments will simply reflect the polluted world around us. Contributors to malnutrition and our body burden of toxins include acute and chronic toxic environmental exposures, a sedentary lifestyle, poor food choices, inferior quality food, chronic stress levels, epi-genetic changes, as well as traumatic life events. . The seriousness of the illness and disease names with which we are subsequently labeled are determined by symptomatology and localization. In other words, the degree to which our terrain, or biologically speaking, our cells, has been compromised from normal functioning determines our state of health or illness.

Identifying the Relevant Life Events

Life events can include “traumatic insults” that affect health and well-being.  Traumatic insults, be they on-going or one-time occurrences, may be chemical, physical, biological, structural, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Depending upon the specific nature of the trauma, these events can result in a variety of health issues – vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, chronic infections, structural weaknesses, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, stagnation of various types (circulatory, lymphatic, digestive), cognitive deficits, autonomic nervous system dis-regulation, undesirable epigenetic changes, and other malfunctions.

Returning the Body to Homeostasis

As only 2% – 5% of diseases are strictly genetic, the vast majority of modern illnesses are man-made. We therefore have the capacity to prevent and overcome them.  Inflammation, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue indicate a loss of homeostasis in the body, and are typically due to multiple factors.  The multifactorial nature of modern illness does not lend itself well to a quick fix, such as a single pharmaceutical. To return the body to homeostasis, we must typically address multiple causative factors and the resulting types of imbalance that have developed.

Do No Harm

Since the body is the intelligent organism that ultimately does the actual work of healing, the first priority is to stay out of the body’s way. I consider the medical precept, ‘First do no harm’, as paramount to efficient healing. I work on the principle of identifying and addressing essential issues while applying the least amount of intervention required to return the body to homeostasis.

In general, for efficient healing:

  • the less intervention the better
  • the least amount of a nutrient or a chemical that will effect change, the better
  • the gentler the better
  • the least invasive the better
  • the less toxic the better.

Personalize Treatment

Since we are all unique with distinct lifestyles, medical histories, and physiology, treatment must be personalized and evidence-based to be efficient. I begin with intake history, testing, analysis of test results, and then evaluate the different modalities for applicability to your situation. This evaluation includes:

  • the variety of treatments that could help: allopathy, naturopathy, traditional oriental medicine, homeopathy, detoxification therapies, Ayurveda treatments, yogic principals, orthomolecular medicine, electro-magnetic input, herbology and other modalities.
  • the pros and cons of the possible protocols and treatments
  • how to customize protocols and treatment for personal circumstances
  • how to sequence the solutions for maximum effectiveness – where do we start, and what do we leave for later?
  • the synergistic effect of different protocols and treatments, and which can or should be done simultaneously
  • when to evolve the healing modalities based upon the body’s progress
  • how to minimize or eliminate side effects
  • the body’s likely response and how to facilitate the desired response
  • how to optimize each protocol and treatment, what to avoid and how to avoid it
  • how to maximize the impact of your dollar
  • how to make the recommended lifestyle changes fit into your life
  • how to provide the information and resources that will empower you to optimize your health
Go Beyond ‘Book Learning’

I consider myself a healer.  It has taken years of ‘practice’ and acceptance of things like ‘chi’ to understand and work on multiple levels. Though I love science, the analytics and intellectual force of my work, I’d be lost as a healer without my intuition.  It is the breadth of my professional and personal life experiences that provide me with the open mind, varied perspectives and resources to help my clients on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual.

True healing requires a deep commitment to your personal well-being. Optimizing your mental and physical capacities, disease prevention, and rejuvenation require balance and moderation in all aspects of life. Health, like life, is an on-going process – a journey, not a destination.  It would be my privilege to guide you on your healing journey toward restoration of vigor and vitality.

I would like to extend a thank you to all my clients and students for what you have taught me over the past forty years. It has been a privilege to work with you and an honor to be trusted with your health care. Because of the experiences you have shared with me, I have learned much and am better able to help others. Every story and person was important. You have all contributed to my life, and I count many blessings.