"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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Do you have dreams and aspirations but need direction? Looking for support and logistics to lead a more spiritually based life? Need more than just friendly advise from a buddy? Motivated to make change in your life and want professional input? Are you feeling pulled, like from some invisible force? Looking for new ways to address quandaries in your life? Missing something in life but don’t know what it is? Something too personal, too sensitive to discuss? Want help in breaking habits that don’t serve you any longer?


Every woman, no matter the age, needs guidance and someone to talk to about personal and interpersonal matters. Traditionally we turned to familial matriarchs and elders in our community. Nowadays, even our female friends are often too busy or don’t have the life experience to provide the advise we need – advice that is pragmatic, creative, empathetic and wise. Dr. Elize St. Charles, Ph.D., who is trained in Eastern and Western spiritual practices.

She draws from this spiritual foundation as well as from the pragmatic analytical skills earned working and raising three successful children in Silicon Valley. ‘Doc Elize’ comes to the table with an open mind and will put you at ease with even the toughest, most personal topics.  She meets each woman right where they are in life. Wise Woman Counseling brings a fresh perspective to our everyday problems and concerns.

Take the first step toward true health with 'Doc Elize'.

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