"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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Confused? Brain fog? Trouble remembering what used to come easily? Constipated? Or diarrhea? Trouble with a daily BM? Tingling in hands or limbs? Want to be mentally sharper? Wondering why you’re fatigued? Have you ever been diagnosed with gallstones? Experiencing anxiety for no particular reason? Digestive problems?


There are ‘good’ metals and ‘bad’ or heavy metals for the human body.  The ‘good’ metals are those we need to live, such as calcium, sodium, manganese, copper. The ‘bad’ metals are those for which the body has no metabolic need but which are in our environment naturally as in fluoride or as a result of industrialization, as in mercury. The ‘bad’ metals can replace the ‘good’ metals in metabolic processes causing inefficiencies and/or havoc.

They are also stored in fatty tissues like the brain where they leach out and poison the nervous system. Modern humanity has a body burden of thousands of times more lead and mercury than the Romans ever did. Heavy metals can cause innumerable health problems. There is no safe level of heavy metals. Dr. St. Charles, Ph.D., has years of experience gently and safely removing heavy metals.

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