"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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No luck “trying”? Hormonal issues? Low sperm count? Don't know why? Looking to restore or increase fertility? Worried about your partner’s fertility? Concerned about genetic issues? Want to give your child the very best brain? Digestive system? Immune system? How can we boost the likelihood of healthy birth outcomes for all? Concerned about intellectual, physical or psychological disabilities in your children?


The Healing Atelier has designed a Peak Fertility Program to correct our internal environments and guide the body back to homeostasis.  We have a wide range of information and tools to enhance male and female fertility, birth outcomes, and childhood well-being.

By improving parental health, preparing the mother’s body to carry a healthy fetus, and learning how to optimize the early childhood environment, parents are empowered to address the root causes of the modern childhood epidemics. Contact us today for your initial consultation.

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Emerging Childhood Epidemics

Couples considering conception nowadays have to wonder if their child-might have any of the current intellectual, psychological and/or physical disabilities so common in children today. Additionally, there is the concern of how easy it will be to conceive. Isn’t it time to address the pandemic of childhood mental and physical impairment at its source – rather than after the fact?



  • One in 3 to 4 couples has problems conceiving
  • A pregnant mother automatically releases up to 70% of her toxic body burden during pregnancy.
  • One in 6 American women of child-bearing age has mercury levels high enough to cause neurological damage in her fetus. There is no safe level of mercury.  Furthermore, the pernicious synergistic effect of mercury, and aluminum or lead, is greater than 1000 times the effect of ‘only’ one heavy metal.
  • Human intelligence peaked in 1998 and has been declining ever since. One in 5 American children exhibit some type of neurological problem.  Approximately 1 in 35 children is on the autistic spectrum (with incidence doubling every 5 years!)  This is a world-wide problem – even higher in Korea.
  • 10% of American children are asthmatic (CDC), 1 in 5 is obese. Adult onset diabetes (Type 2) is increasing exponentially and is now affecting children.
  • Pesticides and insecticides can cause brain damage including seizure disorders, learning disabilities, OCD, and other issues. There are more birth defects in mid-western American children conceived during spring planting.
  • More than 200 man-made chemicals can be found in amniotic fluid, spermatic fluid and umbilical cord blood. Common consumer goods and personal care products contain known endocrine disruptors and teratogens.  The breast milk of American mothers exceeds EPA acceptable levels for many chemicals and heavy metals, including dioxin and bisphenol A.
  • The Canadian Broadcasting Company, a government-funded film production enterprise, produced an excellent documentary, “The Disappearing Male”.

The Genetic Game

Genetics is the focus of medicine these days.  Humans are genetically the same as we have been for hundreds of thousands of years. However, in modern times, the expression of our genome is quickly changing due to our external environment. This is causing a shift in our fertility rates, birth outcomes and childhood health.

As our world has become increasingly polluted, so too has our internal environment, our terrain.  Our chemical burden and sub-optimal nutritional status are causing epigenetic modulations in our genetic expression. Consequently, worldwide, modern children experience an incidence of birth defects and brain dysfunction unheard of in previous generations.  For example, the California Department of Education recorded a six-fold increase in autism rates between 2002 and 2015.**  The rate for gastroschisis, an abdominal wall condition whereby an infant is born with organs external to the body, have increased 263% in young black women.* In addition, new labels for unusual clusters of symptoms are being generated and new genetic mutations are being observed.  All the while, medical and educational costs (not to mention the emotional toll) of care for these children are increasing exponentially. This trend will have long-term negative consequences not just for individual families but for society at large.  The individual solution is to detoxify the triggers that cause epigenetic changes. The societal solution is to work to eliminate these poisons and to be better custodians of Earth.


** http://www.kidsdata.org/blog/?p=7568

Learn About The Healing Atelier Peak Fertility Program

The Healing Atelier Peak Fertility Program includes:

  • Body Burden Assessment, Identification and Elimination: Overall toxic load is estimated using lab testing, possible toxin sources are identified, an individualized detoxification protocol is created and implemented.
  • Nutritional Status Assessment and Improvement: Nutritional standing is assessed via in-depth interviews and lab testing. Using specialized diets, herbs, nutraceuticals, “Alfa” foods, and supplementation nutritional status is improved.
  • Hormonal Evaluation and Support: Hormonal history and exposure to teratogens are analyzed with appropriate actions taken to address deficits and excesses using non-toxic, health-enhancing means.
  • Home-Enviro Analysis: Understanding the impact of one’s environment and eliminating noxious agents importantly supports the detoxification process.
  • EMF Exposure Assessment and Monitoring: Autonomic nervous system expert, Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt, Ph.D., M.D., has discovered one commonality amongst all autistic children – their mothers were exposed to high electromagnetic fields while pregnant.  Though not yet confirmed as a preventative measure, the science demonstrating harm from electromagnetic radiation, especially for fetuses, is compelling.