"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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Notice your stamina isn’t like it used to be? Do you have reduced eyesight, hearing, sense of smell? Know you should be eating better? Concerned about preventable diseases? Do cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, cardiovascular or Alzheimer’s diseases run in the family? Do you sit all day? Are you indoors all day? Do you imagine that working out for an hour compensates for all that indoor sitting? Well, keep on imagining and imagining... OR,


With ‘Doc Elize,’ put together a personalized anti-aging program that meets your specific needs, medical concerns, lifestyle, genetics, metabolism, goals and preferences. We will conduct a thorough interview, and analysis/interpretation of specialized medical tests (as needed).

Our recommendations will include a detailed health and lifestyle program incorporating the many aspects of wellness- physical, emotional and spiritual.  We suggest a minimum 12-month commitment; however, results will be experienced before that!  Contact us today for your initial consultation.

Take the first step toward true health with 'Doc Elize'.

Book your appointment now for your initial consultation.