"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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I took this photo before my treatments.

I took this photo about 3 weeks into my treatments, because I was excited at how much better I was feeling and looking!

I am a registered nurse and have worked in the neo-natal units of hospitals for more than twenty years. I had become progressively more ill over the last ten years due to mold exposure, chemicals at work, contracting Hepatitis C, and multiple car accidents. I had developed sensitivities to everything – I could barely eat. I couldn’t even sit up for even a few minutes. I couldn’t play with my grandson. I was miserable. Family and friends had to fly into town to look after me since I was unable to even prepare my own food. I was eventually put on disability for chronic fatigue, though standard lab reports couldn’t detect any problems. Fortunately my doctor advised me to detoxify, recognizing that my over-sensitivity to the world in general was due to toxic overload. I didn’t know where to turn until I heard of Elize’s own healing journey from a friend, who encouraged me to consult with her.

I first started working with Elize five months ago. Within a month, I was off six medications including high blood pressure and pain medications. Though I haven’t lost weight through treatments, my body has drastically changed – its shape, my skin texture, my eyebrows are growing back in, the belly swelling is almost gone, fatty tumors are disintegrating and disappearing, my facial puffiness is dramatically reduced, and the edema in my legs and feet are reduced so that I can now wear shoes. In fact, I hadn’t realized how many ways my body had been expressing illness. I had gotten so used to living semi-functionally. Then, within about two months of treatments, I was able to drive to Santa Cruz to buy my own food at the organic farmer’s market and prepare it myself. My doctor is intrigued and impressed.

I was trained in conventional medical science and questioned the validity and efficacy of naturopathic and alternative healing modalities. I wasn’t sure what to believe or expect. In spite of this, the results have been way beyond my expectations. Many of the modalities are totally new to me, but I was willing to try them out, knowing of Elize’s amazing personal health successes. I learned, ‘They don’t just heal her!’ – her healing techniques also worked for me. Working with Elize involves personal commitment and a willingness to be open and comply with protocols, and so I’ve been very active in healing myself. Elize provides specific guidance, counsel, encouragement, coaching, and an empathetic ear. She knows and understands what it’s like. But, I have learned from her that it is more than just taking supplements; I have to be an active participant in my healing.

Even though I am a nurse and raised three children, I now know so much more about how to take care of myself, avoid toxic products, and protect myself in this modern world. I can never go back to living the way I did – which I had thought was a relatively healthy lifestyle. I feel like I’ve gotten a new lease on life, and hope for the future. I now know where the answers are to many of the health difficulties facing my entire family. I have a lot of healing work left to do, on myself and with my children and grandchildren. I am so grateful to Elize for starting me on this amazing path of health and self-discovery. Though I don’t understand all the underlying principles, Elize’s work speaks for itself.