"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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I spent my whole life effected by heavy metals poisoning. The symptomatology changed the direction of my life. It was like I was always battling against something and getting nowhere. I lived depressed, anxious, even paranoid and at times suicidal. Though an engineer, I was never able to work full-time as my energy was drained, it was difficult to concentrate and my thinking was foggy. I felt disconnected from the world, from people, even those I loved, and from God.

Over the last 5 to 10 years, my amalgam fillings had started to degrade. Every once in a while I would find myself chewing on a chunk of metal. With the deterioration of the amalgams, came a deterioration in my psychological health. I didn’t make the connection, however, until I started learning from Elize about the devastating effect of heavy metals on our bodies. That was an eye-opener and I got to thinking that maybe my problems might respond to detoxifying my body.

At this point in my life, it feels like a whole different reality. I feel more connected, more quiet, more peaceful. I look at where my life is now compared to what it was just a few years ago and like WOW! And, I’m not done yet.

What Elize brought to me was the example of someone who walked the talk, someone who had experienced the worst. She is a walking example of someone who came back from the dead. That is hard to not notice. It caught my attention and made me want to hear what she had to say. It also gave me the belief that I could heal my stuff and that Elize was someone who could guide me in how to do that.

In addition to amalgam removal I followed a comprehensive program that included concentrated foods and detoxification protocols, I went to a dentist who specializes in safe amalgam removal. He was greatly concerned about the potential for aggravation of psychological symptoms because even with all precautions possible there is a chance of the mercury moving into the brain. And, I didn’t need any more of that! It was scary. It was a big deal for me and I wanted the best outcome possible. I believe the dentist was very pleased to have the extra support provided by Elize because in the long run, his outcomes are improved.

If anything, Elize errs on the side of caution. I am appreciative of how she draws from many disciplines and approaches healing from many different angles and levels – for a thorough and complete way to create healing. At first I honestly felt overwhelmed at the amount of products and the protocols I was being asked to incorporate into my lifestyle. Once I got over the initial hesitancy and started to notice the benefits, it became much easier. I have always wanted to get into my body what it needs and that’s what these products are providing. I like the idea of taking high nutrient dense products into my body. I continue to use them to this day. Since it takes years to detoxify after a lifetime of mercury and other heavy metals poisoning, (I was an auto mechanic for years pouring gasoline on my hands and breathing fumes!) I have incorporated these detox protocols and nutritional supplements into my lifestyle. It is what I’m doing now.

Elize has taught me just about everything. When I first began working with Elize I thought I had a pretty good understanding of nutrition and the human body. I had always been very interested in health and had read extensively. My knowledge might have been pretty good compared to the average person, but what I know now is vastly increased. With this knowledge, I’m not scared of all those big bad diseases out there. I really see them now for what they are and for the fact that the body can heal these things if given the nutrients and guidance it needs. This has been a big part of the education I’ve received. I am not waiting around for the next thing that is going to kill us off. This has given me a real sense of comfort and ease in being a human being. It has been incredibly liberating!

At this point in my life, it feels like a whole different reality. I feel more connected, more quiet, more peaceful. I remember people telling me about getting their amalgams out and feeling the difference between night and day. I didn’t experience that immediately but over a period of about a year it became clear to me that it ended up happening to me in the long run. I look at where my life is now compared to what it was just a few years ago and like WOW! And, I’m not done yet.