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Present your Best Voice

By Dr. Elize St. Charles, Ph.D.

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We all want to be our best, to present our best selves.  We groom ourselves, we put on adornments, we dress to impress…. But, what about your voice?  Speaking with a clear, soothing, sonorous voice will get you heard.  Here are some suggestions from voice coach, Ariana Newcomer.  They will help you everyday and for those special moments.



Warm up your voice before any public event.

Oil pull to lubricate up your mouth and facial muscles.

Yawn to warm up your throat, mouth and facial muscles.

Hum to warm up your vocal cords.

Self-massage neck, throat and facial muscles.

Laugh to relax the vocal cords, diaphragm, and throat muscles.

Stay hydrated. No part of you works well if it lacks the universal transporter, solvent and lubricant – WATER.

Belly breathe to relax the diaphragm, open the chest, reduce stress and train the body to breathe more deeply.

Avoid foods that cause mucous build-up. The primary culprits are dairy and wheat but food sensitivities and allergies are unique so pay attention to your diet and your body’s response to different foods. Avoid irritating foods especially before important vocal moments.

Keep up your voice’s energy and pitch through the end of sentences – to avoid frustrated listeners and voice fatigue.

Avoid toxic noise. Your voice quality reflects your hearing sensitivity. Loud and chaotic noises tax and can damage the sensitive organs of the inner ear.

Hoarse? Stop talking! It only makes good sense to avoid exercising inflamed muscles – in this case, your vocal cords. So stop talking and whispering. Accept and enjoy a day or two of inward journeying to allow your throat to heal.

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