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Tincture of South Asian herb Andrographis for immune system support.


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Andrographis paniculata, also known as King of Bitters or kalmegh, is an annual shrub in the family Acanthaceae. The plant is native to India and Sri Lanka and has been used throughout Southeast Asia and China for centuries.

Its applications span a variety of uses including immune system, lung, blood sugar, and menstrual support. In Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health recognizes Andrographis as an important herbal ally and it’s used in both hospitals and public health services. It is also viewed as being equally important in India where it is prominent in as many as 26 different Ayurvedic formulas.The major health benefits of Andrographis are its liver protecting, inflammation modulating, and immune supporting properties.* Analysis of histological studies and liver protein content showed Andrographis could provide a significant protective effect on mice livers. These findings support the fact that Indian traditional medicine has long used the herb for its strong affinity to the liver.

BioPure’s Andrographis is an herbal extract in a 33 percent organic corn alcohol solution, with purified water. It comes from the aerial parts of the plant, where most of the bioactive phytochemicals are found. Andrographis is reported to be very safe when used as recommended.

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