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Boluoke (120 caps)

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SKU: MH00000120

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The best oral enzyme that can improve your circulatory health and maintain good blood supply to major organs like the brain, the heart, and other cells of the body.


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Product Description

Boluoke® (lumbrokinase) is the only fully researched oral enzyme on the market supporting a healthier blood state, and it shows great promise in supporting a healthy coagulation/fibrinolysis balance in the body.  Coagulation system is a complicated and highly regulated system. Modern lifestyles often tip the balance towards hyper coagulation and rarely towards hypo coagulation. For most people, Boluoke® can support the body in keeping the system in a more balanced state. Some practitioners are also recommending Boluoke® for those who choose to be on hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, and for those who could not tolerate standard preventative pharmaceutical drugs.

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Supplement facts

Proprietary earthworm protein extract …… 20mg

Always consult to your health practitioner before consuming this product.

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