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Olive leaf combination extract for strengthening immune response.


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Product Description

Olivirex® is an innovative formulation combining standardized olive leaf extract with a synergistic blend of botanicals to enhance the broad-spectrum qualities of olive leaf. Both historical references and modern research attest to the value of the phytochemicals of this ancient tree. Assists Detoxification: Botanical cofactors including extracts of Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Uva Ursi assist in elimination via the drainage pathways. This is helpful in decreasing die-off or Herksheimer Reactions. Added Immune Support: Cordyceps, American Ginseng, and Morinda help to stimulate immune response.

Additional information

Weight 1.9 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 3 in

Supplement facts

Active Ingredients:
Olive Leaf extract (organic, minimum 18% oleuropein content), 125 mg

Combination of the following:
Garlic (plant)
Goldenseal (root)
Milk Thistle (seed)
St. John’s Wort (plant)
Uva Ursi (leaf)
American Ginseng (root)
Bladderwrack (plant)
Dandelion (root)
Noni (dried fruit)
White Willow (bark)

Other Ingredients:
Rice Flour and Vegetarian Capsule
Certified Organic or wild-crafted sources used whenever possible

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