"The greatest medicine is teaching people how not to need it." - Hippocrates

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Use Laptops Charged!

Use your laptop charged not plugged into an outlet. Male fertility, via decreased sperm motility and DNA fragmentation, is at risk from the electromagnetic radiation generated by placing computers in your lap. According to engineer and bau-biologist, Vickie Warren, you reduce your electromagnetic radiation exposure by 100 fold if the computer is not charging connected […]

Take Back Control

“The idea of saviors has been built into the entire culture, beyond politics. We have learned to look to stars, leaders, experts in every field, thus surrendering our own strength, demeaning our own ability, obliterating our own selves. But from time to time, Americans reject that idea and rebel.”    – Howard Zinn Has the […]

Sleep Apnea on the Rise – Some Theories

More and more of my clients are diagnosed with sleep apnea. It really makes me wonder what is going on. Sleep apnea was unheard of only twenty years ago. Though it no doubt existed, especially in those prone to snoring, it was not an epidemic. I don’t think it is just a matter of better […]

Stop Shampooing and Grow Hair Back!

Upon my suggestion, one of my clients, a 64 year old man, stopped using the cheap, toxic shampoo he had used for years. This gentleman was bald on the top of his head at the time so he decided to forego shampoo altogether. Then his mother noticed his hair was growing back. Six months later […]

Sperm Count – Canary in the Cage

Sperm count and viability are measures of vitality not just ability to reproduce. The sperm count of today’s young men is 25 to 50% lower than that of their grandfathers. Studies across the world are also showing decreases in sperm motility and significant deformation.   When I inform men of these statistics, the young men […]

Movement is Critical to Well-being

Daily exercise is probably your most effective health tool. The body requires movement; lack of it results in stagnation. Think stagnant water! Movement increases body heat and blood circulation, helps the lymphatic system remove waste, lubricates joints, moves the digestive tract, and is the most effective long-term treatment for depression. BUT, you have a busy […]

Present your Best Voice

We all want to be our best, to present our best selves.  We groom ourselves, we put on adornments, we dress to impress…. But, what about your voice?  Speaking with a clear, soothing, sonorous voice will get you heard.  Here are some suggestions from voice coach, Ariana Newcomer.  They will help you everyday and for […]

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